Our Mission

The Earth Revival Project aims to ensure that all living things on the earth are respected and that the planet itself is revived.

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Our Films

Striving to visualize and spread the path to global revival

In 2012, we launched the “Earth Revival Project”, which aims to create a truly happy global society connecting lives and enriching our future.
In addition to feature films, truths and true voices that are rarely given time in the mass media have been featured in short films based on the themes of the environment, food, energy technology, the economy, medical care, education, tax and social security, defense and foreign policy, etc.
These activities are supported by Earth Revival Project Fund .

Earth Revival Project

What is the Earth Revival Project? What is the vision of the Earth Revival Project? Exploring the core of this all: Spirit and philosophy.



Up to now, the industries of the world have done a large amount of damage to not just their regions, but the entire planet. The industries of the future will need to carry out activities that are resuscitative in nature. Microorganisms are the key to promoting revival while continuing development without damaging the global environment. We need to recognize that, together with microorganisms, we can actively revive the earth by planting trees and other plants that rejuvenate the environment, such as hemp and holy basil.



[Full-cycle farming] -Becoming self-
sufficient with food, local production for local consumption -Farming methods that create healthy crops and that are healthy for the planetare required.These will restoreboth our own health and the health of the earth. We can accomplish this with agricultural methods based on natural rhythms such as not using fertilizers or pesticides, nottilling, and self-seeding.



[Energy art] -Becoming self-sufficient enough with energy that does not damage the earth -
We should be practically applying the various energy technologies that were born in Japan and that are in accordance with the Japanese climate and local conditions so that wedo not place a burden on the earth. Energy should be locally produced for local consumption, incorporated in daily life as an "artistic lifestyle".



[Sharing economy] -From an economy of exploitation to one of sharing -
In the Edo period, Japanese people lived with the spirit of "mutual sympathy", "equal status", and "gratitude for assistance". It was natural to let people stay if they didn't have lodging and to share with neighbors if you had an extra bountiful harvest. As the phrase "those who are kind benefit themselves" suggests, if you do good things that goodness will return to you. Our ancestors practiced this in daily life. We need to explore and practice an economy where people are enriched by continuing to give. We must revive Japan's culture and spirit of sharing, shifting from a principlethat puts the economy first to one that fosters warm relationships between people.



We are not made up just of our body, but our mind and soul as well. In order to truly become healthy, we must implement holistic medicine that looks comprehensively at the body, mind, and soul.



Rather than prioritizing only knowledge and achievements, we should cultivate sensibilities, emphasize the education of the mind and soul, learn the wisdom of the great ones who came before us, and understand that we are living as a part of a global ecosystem. In order to continue living on this planet, basic education is important for us as human beings.


Tax・Social Security

In ancient times, Japan had a system called "Yui". It was a system where whenever there was something that someone couldn't do alone, there were always others there to help them. This spirit of mutual assistance and the resurgence of gratitude for that assistance are necessary for society as we move forward.



Rather than thinking about defense and diplomacy based on the premise of being invaded by other countries, like the Antarctic Treaty signed in 1959, we should think of the earth as a global resource to be shared by all countries. We must awaken diplomacy that actively spreads love and gratitude in order to achieve harmony and reconciliation between hostile nations.



Our wish



恩送り これは、誰かからあなたへのプレゼント

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Director’s Message

To this planet Earth, where all life is respected and filled with love, we give…
A looming global climate crisis…
Extinction of various species (40,000 to 150,000 species a year)…
Disappearance of the coral reefs…
Chemical contamination into the rivers, soil, and oceans…

Even with water, the source of life, only 1/3 of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water. If this environmental destruction and population growth continues, it is said that by 2025,
there will be extreme water shortages for 2/3 of the world.


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