The Age of Fasting -Eating light with love and mercy-

The Age of Fasting -Eating light with love and mercy-


A life of “not eating” can be interesting.

Acupuncturist, Michiyo Mori, has been living on a daily glass of green juice for over 20 years. Through the accounts of Michiyo and others who have chosen to live a life close to fasting, the act of “eating” is questioned.
This is the film that triggered the fasting boom.
Mariya Yamada’s realistic acting in the re-enactment scenes is also worth mentioning.


Acupuncturist, Michiyo Mori, adopted a raw vegetable diet called the “Koda Method” and overcame an intractable disease and now lives on a daily glass of green juice. She was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration (a disease specified by the Japanese government in which the cerebellum and spinal cord that control motor functions shrink and gradually lose their functions.) Considered incurable with modern medicine, Michiyo has suffered from this disease since she was a young girl, but managed to overcome it through a treatment by Dr. Mitsuo Koda, known as the pioneer and leader of the “fasting method.” Since then, she has continued maintaining her health through “meals” that amount to a daily calorie intake of 80kcal along with a few supplements. Michiyo shared her experience in her book “I Quit Eating” (Publisher: Makino Shuppan). This film delves into her personal side and lifestyle in detail.

Also appearing in the film are people who have overcome serious diseases such as muscular dystrophy, connective tissue disease, ulcerative colitis, and thyroid cancer through the “Koda Method.”

By listening to the accounts of fasting individuals, the audience will take this opportunity to reexamine their daily “eating” habits.

<Who is Dr. Mitsuo Koda, pioneer of the “fasting method?”>

Born in 1924. Since he was a little boy up to when he was in the military academy, Dr. Koda was in poor health and had to frequently take a leave of absence. Feeling hopeless when modern medical treatments could not improve his condition, he began studying the Nishi-style method and natural medicine.

Upon graduating from the School of Medicine of Osaka University, he began practicing various folk remedies and applied that to the “Koda Method” that he advocated, opened the Koda Clinic, and became known as a unique doctor who provided health guidance. He has undergone successful clinical trials on various diseases considered intractable with modern medicine. Dr. Koda was a part-time lecturer at Osaka University and the Chairman of the Holistic Medicine Convention before passing away in August 2008 at the age of 84.

He is also the author of dozens of books including “A Half-day Fasting Will Bring Miracles” “Skipping Breakfast Cures Illnesses” (Publisher: Makino Shuppan), “The Science of the Fasting Method” and “What has Become Clear after 50 Years of the Fasting Method” (Publisher: Shunjusha Publishing Company). Along with his follower Sunplaza Nakano Kun, he co-wrote the much-discussed book, “Q&As on How to Eat and Recommendations on Eating Less.” Dr. Koda’s history of successful practices is finally revealed on the screen.

Cast & Staff


Michiyo Mori


松井進、 昇幹夫、羽間鋭雄、森裕之、花谷幸比古


Mariya Yamada




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  • 撮影荻久保則男、渡辺真、白鳥哲
  • 制作助手津谷緑
  • 助監督中島陽司、久保田健介
  • 編集森隆倫(cresco)
  • CG内田剛史
  • 音楽南雲和晴
  • 宣伝美術中村嘉宏
  • パンフレット編集荻由香利
  • 大阪クルー河田秀二、赤松亮


  • 撮影荻久保則男
  • 照明大久保礼司
  • 録音古川稔章
  • ヘアメイク小林佳苗(宝映テレビプロダクション)
  • 衣装プラン久留裕子
  • 制作助手三枝ゆきの
  • 撮影助手香山英次
  • 照明助手松尾俊太郎
  • 特機成田哲
  • スチール柴田琢哉
  • 車両三澤行寛



  • 写真提供高野博
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Director message

A world that one can see only after choosing “not to eat.”

Acupuncturist, Michiyo Mori, and others who have chosen to stop eating are pure and beaming with life. Seeing their lifestyle, we ask ourselves what “eating” really means.

“The act of eating means receiving life.”
The true essence of eating is to naturally feel appreciation toward the life you are consuming and respecting it. And once we have a deep understanding of that, we will be filled with love and compassion.
Everything that exists is vibrating and possesses energy.
When we show love and compassion toward the life we are consuming, we can naturally realize that energy and discover the purity within ourselves. That is when we can understand the preciousness of life in a true sense.
Dr. Mitsuo Kouda, the pioneer and leader of the fasting method, said, “Famine can be solved if people decreased the amount of their intake of meat by half. Unless mankind cuts back on meat-eating and eats less, neither individuals nor mankind could find happiness.”
Every year, 600 million tons of corn is being produced around the world. Of that, 400 million tons are used for animal feed, including cows. By reexamining meat-eating, the energy that is currently being used to produce feed for cows will decrease, forests that are destructed to graze cattle will decrease, and as a result, prevent global warming.
Even if we don’t go to the extreme and quit eating entirely, just by decreasing the amount of meat consumption and only consume life deemed necessary, we can save the entire planet.

A life of not eating can be interesting. The moment we discover this, we will obtain the strength that will help us overcome whatever obstacle that comes our way and save Earth.

We are living in an “age of fasting.”


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