Stone age

Stone age


Water remembers the words “Thank You.”

Vibrational medicine is a cutting-edge medical technology being developed around the world.
“Stone age” is the first theatrical film that deals with vibrational medicine.

The character Nakanishi (Minori Terada) is based on the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose book “Messages from Water” is known throughout the world.
The main character’s friend, Mamoru Tanabe (Yukiya Kitamura), who says “Thank you” to water, plays an essential role in this film.

Through water, the energy of the words “Thank you” is memorized in the form of waves.
Considering the fact that what makes up 70% of the human body is water, it is very meaningful to witness this mystery.


Seiya Koga, aged 22, who had experienced social withdrawal visited a free space named the “Sunflower Center” to take part in its paid volunteer work.
This place is a rehabilitation center for people with social withdrawal where he met some staff and Junko Watanabe, aged 24, who was once delinquent.
There was also a mysterious man named Mamoru Tanabe, aged 29, who can hear voices of stones.
The encounter with Mamoru has greatly changed his life.

Cast & Staff


黒田勇樹 佐藤藍子 柴田理恵 北村有起哉
佐川和正 松本由似  寺田農 北村和夫 他


  • 『ストーンエイジ』製作委員会
  • 製作鵜飼伸行、杉山文彦、藤井淳史
  • プロデューサー前島良行、中橋真紀人、鶴岡大二郎
  • 脚本河田秀二
  • 原作・監督白鳥哲
  • ラインプロデューサー原淳
  • 撮影監督大久保礼司
  • 助監督猪腰弘之
  • 音楽南雲和晴
  • 整音坂上賢治
  • 録音甲斐田哲也
  • 美術橋本尚子
  • 装飾櫻井啓介
  • 編集森 隆倫
  • 草笛演奏松谷茂
  • スタイリスト土屋直世
  • ヘアーメイク小林佳苗
  • スクリプター野林香里





Director message

The words “Thank you” change the world.

Vibrational medicine is now spreading around the world. The vibrational medicine is based on the idea that everything has vibrations and they have effects on our organs and body parts to construct the whole of our bodies.
All our bodies and words have vibrations too. Distortion of vibrations warps the world and also has bad effects on our minds and characters.

In modern Japan, there are many people under conditions called “social withdrawal” who cannot take any action because they are scared of the darkness in their mind.
This phenomenon can be considered a poof that they are too sensitive towards things.
In other words, they are too sensitive to adapt themselves to the modern society.
Their sensitiveness can be a kind of talent and the ability is needed today.
If they can accept their ability of sensitiveness and create the world of vibrations, they would be able to show us a way of life in rhythm with the whole earth in the future.
When people realize that vibrations create this world, their realization will make the whole world developed into a new world.

Stones and the future earth tell us about that.
We will able to see the new world after we overcome our egoism.
I would be happy if you could see it through this film.


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