Earth Revival Project

Our Mission

Since ancient times, mankind has built and developed a wide variety of cultures by observing and learning about everything in nature and utilizing their newfound knowledge within the cycle of the global environment.
However, with the development of science and technology, people’s minds have increasingly moved away from nature and toward conflict. As it became possible to control the environment using human wisdom, the demand for efficiency and profit has grown as well. And now human activities are causing irreversible damage not only to nature, but to our own societies as well.
In order to pass on a high-quality society and rich natural environment to the next generation, it is absolutely necessary to spread the wisdom and skills of experts in all fields so that we can continue on without damaging our precious and one-of-a-kind natural environment, living together rooted in the earth while helping each other.

Focusing on prayer, the power of consciousness, we must take the fact that humanity is just one kind of earth life (Earthian) seriously, preserving and respecting the ecosystem so that we can live in harmony with it. The Earth Revival Project was established to realize a global society where this is possible.

The aims of the Earth Revival Project are as follows.

  • 1. Share the wisdom that links our lives together, striving to purify the global environment by discovering, disseminating, and utilizing rehabilitative and symbiotic technologies that can save and preserve life itself.
  • 2. Encourage the shift to a giving, coexisting, and cooperative economy, realizing a highly content and happy global society.
  • 3. Connect people, communities, and countries, taking the initiative in creating a network of lives.
  • 祈 PRAYER
    Utilizing the power that consciousness has in reality,
    we pray specifically to bring harmony to each region, nation, and the biosphere as a whole.
    “Cherish the harmony among people.”
    We aim to lead the way to harmony by stepping forward when there is conflict.
    We always aim for reconciliation when there is confrontation.
    To that end, we aim to learn about and respect every position, ethnic group, nation, and religion.
    Valuing connections.
    Helping each other.
    Respecting each other.
    Actively moving forward to expand our bonds.
    We will act to protect and nurture the global environment, including not only humans, but animals, plants, microorganisms, minerals, and all other parts of our ecosystem. Our aim is to spread and share that vision.

Director’s Message

To this planet Earth, where all life is respected and filled with love, we give…


A looming global climate crisis…
Extinction of various species (40,000 to 150,000 species a year)…
Disappearance of the coral reefs…
Chemical contamination into the rivers, soil, and oceans…

Even with water, the source of life, only 1/3 of the world’s population has access to safe drinking water. If this environmental destruction and population growth continues, it is said that by 2025, there will be extreme water shortages for 2/3 of the world.

As long as our industrial structure continues to focus mainly on “pursuing profits”, we can expect a harsh and difficult future. There is an urgent need to change the consciousness we’ve had up to now, one based on ego and with the tenets of “only me” or “only my country”. We must transition to values that focus on everything being connected and existing for each other, transcending the “us vs them” mentality.

So how can humans share this planet with the other life inhabiting it, and how can we live in harmony with the natural cycle of the earth?

With the Earth Revival Project, the future is taken seriously. Those who have already begun to live this way have been exploring and discovering systems for technology, community, and the economy, expressing these through visual mediums and disseminating the information.

We want to create a future for the next generation by sharing our vision through movies, study and practice sessions, etc., giving others the information and means to realize a better environment and society in all fields, be it regarding food, education, medical care, energy, the economy, etc.
Our aim is to realize “pay-it-forward communities” that will be the model villages of the next world.

Western experts often talk about the idea of “critical mass”,

the critical point where, once enough people become aware of something, a phenomenon will spread.
With a total population of 7.6 billion people, that critical number is about 8,700 people. That isn’t really all that much.
If just 10,000 people are serious about the future, sharing a marvelous vision and acting together, the world could change in an instant.

Humans have always created their reality with their thoughts.
When people wanted to talk to an important person who was far away, the phone was invented.
When people wanted to fly in the sky, the airplane was invented.
When people wanted to go to space, the spaceship was invented.
If people sharing the same feelings can come together and act as one, the world will surely respond to their actions.

A future society for our children and descendants…

Let’s share our vision and create a global society filled with hope where all living things are respected.

Film Director Tetsu Shiratori

Advisor profile

  • 村上和雄
    Kazuo Murakami ~利他的遺伝子オン~
    DNA解明の世界的権威 筑波大学名誉教授。最先端の遺伝子工学の研究から「感性と遺伝子は繋がっている」ことを究明。科学に身を置きながら、哲学、宗教、宇宙観をも包み込む独自の世界観を展開する。
  • 木内鶴彦
    Tsuruhiko Kiuchi ~エネルギー循環とバランス~
  • 森美智代
    Michiyo Mori ~愛と慈悲の小食~
  • 比嘉照夫
    Teruo Higa ~地球を蘇生させ、循環型社会にする微生物技術~
    琉球大学名誉教授、公立大学法人名桜大学国際EM技術センター長、特定非営利活動法人地球環境共生ネットワーク理事長。「EM(有用微生物群)」を開発、農業・畜産・環境・建設・工業利用・健康・医学などの幅広い分野で活用され、現在世界 150ヵ国余に普及している。
  • 池添友一
    Yuichi Ikezoe ~循環型の農のあり方~