Zero Waste – Sustainable Life –


More than 8 million tons of trash continue to be dumped in the sea every year.
More than 12.7 million tons of plastic trash is collected annually.
The total amount reaches 5.25 trillion tons.

These became finely crushed microplastics, which can now be detected in salt around the world.
This ever-increasing amount of trash becomes a resource from a different point of view.
If we can reduce it on the earth, we can make the limited global environment a sustainable world.
If we can come up with this idea of reversal, it will be a great opportunity to make a leap forward.

We will explore how to create a sustainable society while taking up hopeful initiatives that make us feel that.



Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture, declared Japan’s first zero waste. How is a small town working on “zero waste”? Then, he asks humankind what a sustainable earth should be, whether it is an individual working on zero waste, an accommodation facility, or an interview with a waste disposal plant that utilizes microbial technology.




【Director’s  message】

Now, the earth is undergoing a climate crisis without waiting.

In the last few years alone, the huge typhoons Nos. 15 and 19 have caused enormous damage in eastern Japan in 2019.
Around the same time, Hurricane Dorian struck South America, leaving nearly 500 people missing.

In addition, more than 1,600 people have died in the Indian monsoon.
In 2020, the Nile became the highest water level in history, and floods killed more than 100 people.
Then, in 2021, a large cold wave struck the northern hemisphere such as Europe and Russia,
and in Russia, the ultra-low temperature of -40 ° C continued for two months.

Cold and heat waves.

Drought and flood …

What’s happening on Earth?
Now, we are required to radically change the way we live in response to the message from the earth.

The key is “zero waste” … a way of life that does not be dump trash.
I saw hope in it. And I learned that it has true abundance.
What is true abundance?

To know that, it is necessary to change consciousness with action.
That change will affect our daily consumer activities.
If we can change society from individual consumption and shift to a sustainable way of life,
we have the potential to overcome the crisis of the earth.

I want to convey that specific direction in this movie at the living level.
And the starting point for making this earth a sustainable world is gratitude for being alive.

I sincerely hope that this movie will shift the way human beings can live in harmony with the earth.


Directed by Tetsu Shiratori




Celebrity impressions

Watching the movie, it seems that my soul is still being shaken.
When I was little, and about 30 years ago, everything in my life was revived.

In the old days, people could wash in the river and the lower people in it drink the water.
The river had a purification capacity of 5m, but now the role of the septic tank has disappeared.
I was reminded that everything starts with our lives … washing the bowls and what to buy from this movie.
I deepened my reflection on what I had been doing for the last 20 years.
I felt like I was doing everything I could to avoid using chemicals as much as possible, but once again,
I reconsidered the consciousness of “not polluting the water at the very beginning of my life” from the kitchen.

Instead of ringing a warning bell and scaring me, this movie shows me the hope that I should do this, and it appeals to me so much in my heart.
I was deeply moved to convey the conscience and love of director Shiratori in the form of a movie.

― Face and heart cleaning school, Katsuko school  Katsuko Konno


I’ve been impressed by seeing director Shiratori’s movies until now,
but there is nothing that really approaches a familiar problem like this “Zero Waste PLUS”,
and it seems that people are very accused of “what are you going to do now?
“There is no movie that has received such a feeling.
What’s more, it’s not that you have to go somewhere that you can’t do without something special,
but that you can do it right away from your daily life.

I’m happy to be impressed now, but more than that, I’m going to review what I should do with trash from tomorrow, my way of being, my way of life,
and from there to the region, society, and the whole earth. What can I do for myself …
I’m full of feelings to sympathrze deeply with.
― General Incorporated Association Discovering and training new brain power Naoki Yamaoka


I’m happy to be able to come across such a movie in which the scenery weaved by nature and
the words of the people involved echo directly in my heart, and tears spill out before I knew it.
―Painter / writer Miyuki Hasekura